I have read hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of mysteries, and am not generally shocked at the details of violence and death. But, this news story of a robbery and murder near the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens in Washington DC, chilled me to my core. This, in a city I lived in and still love, at the entrance to a park where two of my grandkids play so they can run free and enjoy the beauty around them.  

According to a Post blog, the shooter was a 20-year-old, repeat juvenile offender whose aunt works for the city’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

For the complete story, go here: http://wapo.st/urQ14C

Addendum: This story gets worse. This, from the Washington Examiner at http://bit.ly/rSXPKN :
...witnesses heard [the cab driver] and Slye arguing. Witnesses said Slye was angry about the fare and demanded his money back.
Slye got out of the cab, pulled out a silver handgun, ordered Ezirike to lay on the ground, and rifled through his pockets. He then struck him in the head, and pulled the trigger but it did not fire.
The cab driver pleaded with the suspect, and the suspect ordered him back into the cab.
As the Ezirike sat in the driver's seat, the suspect fired a single shot, and the cabbie fell back into this seat, according to the court documents.

...Slye had absconded from a group home in Southeast Washington late last month and the city was looking for him at the time of the murder early Saturday morning.
According to court documents, Slye called his aunt, DY RS counselor Charlene SlyeBattle, nine times during his encounter with the cab driver. Police said they found Slye's jacket and the cell phone he used to make those calls inside Battle's home, which is on the same block as the killing. The cabbie's wallet was found outside the rear of Slye-Battle's home, court documents said.



Leslie Parsley
10/26/2011 10:51

Bizarre and grim - as are some of the comments.


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