Blogger Elaine Magalis of Late Fruit, and I met for lunch at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont, this afternoon for some serious blogging talk. We also broke some good bread together.  

She and I are both at a crossroads in our cyber careers. She has to decide which is more important at this point in her life: Writing novels or keeping her blog fresh and vital? And, as you know, I have to decide whether or not to run for president.

It’s a tough decision for each of us.

If you haven’t visited Late Fruit, you’re in for an intellectual treat. Not only is Elaine a delightfully literate and lyrical writer, she has a sharp eye for strong visuals. Some are quirky, others are just plain beautiful.

Elaine uses her blog to focus her thinking on the role of art and creativity in a full life. She also ponders the inevitability of aging and death, and seems ready to accept both as part of the bargain we strike for a rich life. Hers has been a winding spiritual journey, one that took her to exotic climes then dropped her down in three feet of snow in a tiny town nestled against the Canadian border. Even though Elaine is a country girl today, she says New York City will always be her spiritual home. She thrives on the diversity and inherent energy of that city.   

If you go to Late Fruit here, you might want to leave a comment to let Elaine know you want her to come back someday and share more of her thoughts.



06/30/2011 10:34

I do hate I missed out on Elaine's blog, but there are those intriguing archives. Thanks!


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