The sleepy little district on the east side of the Hudson River, north of New York City, was lucky enough to get some federal funding to fix infrastructure that probably had been broken since the time of Rip Van Winkle. Then, what did they go and do? They elected a Tea Party candidate who promised to banish earmarks.

Guess they thought earmarks were expensive gifts to other people, you know, like those city folk who seem to have so much to begin with. Kind of like "Government, get your hands off my Medicare."
From The New York Times
February 4, 2011

District Liked Its Earmarks, Then Elected Someone Who Didn’t
By Raymond Hernandez

In the villages, towns and cities of the 19th Congressional District north of New York City, the signs of federal largess are all over: money for a library in South Salem, road improvements in Peekskill, renovations on an aging old bridge in Dover and a communications network for the Police Department in Tuxedo.

The projects have drawn strong support from community activists, business leaders and local politicians of both major parties. But the stream of federal money that has long financed such purchases, in this Hudson Valley district and elsewhere in the nation, is about to dry up.

And some residents of the district may be surprised to learn who one of the main instigators is: Nan Hayworth, the district’s new representative, who was swept into office last fall along with other  Tea Party-backed candidates bent on changing Washington’s way of doing business.

Congress, prodded by outspoken newcomers like Ms. Hayworth, this week essentially imposed a temporary ban on earmarks, money for projects that individual lawmakers slip into major Congressional budget bills to cater to local demands. 

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02/05/2011 01:14

Anyone who thinks they don't depend -- and I don't use the word lightly -- on the federal government might as well decamp to Disneyland right now and set up house in Fantasyland. They'll be right at home.

02/05/2011 12:11

Some days I wish the Tea Party succeeded in getting ALL earmarks rescinded. Then, stop ALL federal funding to those states that don't seem to want it, such as VA, SC, AR, et al. And, see what happens. In two weeks, the paychecks, SS and SSI would not arrive. In a month, docs would not be reimbursed for Medicare or Medicaid. All federal highway projects would stop, ATC and TSA workers would be let go, bringing air traffic to a halt. It might be worth doing, just to hear the scream!!!!


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