In anticipation of tomorrow's State of the Union message, fellow blogger Citizen K looks back at the right wing's snarling critique of President Obama's attempt last week to heal the nation's wounds after the Tucson shootings.  

For at least two days after Obama's non-political speech, the ugliness that surrounded us receded ever-so-slightly. Some naive souls may even have thought it could continue. But no, as long as a black man is in the White House, opposition will remain vicious, even at the expense of our national security and well being. I don't expect anything less after tomorrow's nationwide event.

I could go on and on, but nobody nail's it like Citizen K. If you're still laughing at or secretly wishing to emulate the antics of Joe and Josephine Sixpack, America's gun-loving, anti-elitist heroes of right-wing extremists and GOP hopefuls, I urge you to click below to read Rush to Judgment:



01/24/2011 09:01

Thanks for the recognition -- it means a lot. When you grown up around that stuff, you stop seeing the humor in it after a while.

01/25/2011 19:14

I'm watching this elegant, articulate, funny, handsome POTUS do another remarkable job in his SOTU address. He is passionate, inspiring, charismatic, and he carries the night. The fools who fear him just make themselves look bad. John Boehner sits behind him, trying to keep his boozy face from scrunching itself into the universal expression of disgust.

K. kicks butt, too.

01/25/2011 19:38

Nance---I'm with you on the man and his speech. Every time he took the wind out of the sails of his detractors, I raised a little cheer, with each cheer a little louder than the last.
He left me proud to have him in the White House and proud to be an American, something I haven't always felt (something Michelle O once was condemned for saying).
The rebuttal is on now and I'm struggling to follow a logical thread that must run somewhere through all these buzz words -- spending crisis, endless borrowing, failed policies, shackled economy, poor decisions made in Washington, crippled economy and limited government/unlimited enterprise. What does it all mean?


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