Can any place be greener than Vermont in early summer? Maybe Ireland. Maybe not.

Here's a peek at what we see from the deck and windows.
Today, after a hot spell, we got up to a steamy 73 degrees at 3 p.m. A crisp Canadian high moved in and pushed all the muggy air out. The weekend should be stellar, perfect for the Fourth of July.

I stopped off at a farm stand yesterday afternoon. They had lettuce, beets, radishes, strawberries, blueberries and CORN! Everyone is talking about it. No one remembers ever seeing corn in time for the Fourth of July in New England. But this was not a typical year. We had an early thaw followed by persistent rain, with just enough sun to get things started. Now, we’re reaping the benefits. Who says there’s no global warming?

Below are a few seasonal sites in and around southern Vermont/western Massachusetts. Photos were taken yesterday evening and this afternoon. If you look carefully, you'll see a pileated woodpecker making salad-bowl sized holes in a tree.

The bears are out and about, but we haven't seen any yet. Lots of other people have. One friend stepped out on her front porch to shoo away a bear from her bird feeder. He responded with a deep growl, and she high-tailed it back indoors.



06/30/2010 10:27

I love your painted outdoor seat. Did you paint that lovely scene? The artist is very talented.

Vermont is beautiful in the summer. Many years ago we drove through on our way to EXPO in Montreal and I loved it. But your winters would drive me away.

06/30/2010 14:29

A steamy 73 degrees? Awww, you should come down to Nashville where it's a steamy 93 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. Beautiful country though. I can see why you like it there.

07/01/2010 13:03

Cool photos, Paula. I was tickled at the pileated woodpecker holes--must have been some big bugs in there. A pileated family used to shop our palm trees in Florida. Awesome birds.

07/03/2010 22:49

Love the chair. I [heart] Vermont!


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