Spring crept in a little early this year in New England, then took a return flight back to wherever it comes from, letting the cold air drift back in over us.

By March 20, the first official day of spring, the snow had cleared enough for us to pick out a spot to plant a lilac bush. By last week, the lilacs were available in nurseries, so we bought two different varieties and one low-bush blueberry (for the bears). 

By May 1, all the white stuff had melted, even pretty far north of us. On Mother’s Day, however, we awoke to fresh coating and icy windshields. Imagine! 

All that being said, here are a few things I noticed over the last few weeks that tell me spring is here to stay:
The sugaring season came and went, as it always does.
At least a few salamanders made it across roads to vernal pools for mating season. I saw them (cross the road).
Morris Dancers danced on May 1.
Young people stripped down to the essentials for a picnic on the first warm day. 

Water rushed over the falls, as the snows melted up north. 
Bulbs burst forth with colorful blooms. 

Teenagers took out their guitars for a folk concert. 
The earth greened up all around us.  
There were kids in church! And kids played with kids in church!  



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