The hilltowns are still covered in snow and in the valleys dirty piles of old snow remind us it’s  March, not May. But in Smith College’s conservatory and orangerie, the bees hum while you soak in the smell of hyacinth and gardenia. Glorious spring has arrived!



03/19/2010 08:27

What absolutely gorgeous flowers.

Spring is in the air and my patio plant is covered with white flowers. The plant was here when I moved in and I have no idea what it is. It only blooms in the spring for a very short time. But it stays green all winter so I give it loving care.

03/21/2010 09:01

Oh lovely Paula. I got up yesterday and here in the UK in my greenhouse the first sunflower shoots we reaching for the sun. Today, the cucmbers are beginning. Spring is coming! Happy vernal equinox!

03/21/2010 10:38

Oh Paula, how lovely! Bet you felt like you were on vacation. I used to go to the annual March orchid show in Miami. Three hours there was like a week in paradise.

In the Texas Hill Country, we're having a seesaw spring, 80's one day, near-to-freezing the next. Never know. But the wildflowers are are starting to bloom so it won't be long.


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