For those who haven’t had a chance to read the particulars of the new health care reform law, here it is in several formats. (Thanks to Don, Erin and Diane for the links.)

First, a CliffNotes version from the folks who brought you the whole thing. Second, a handy plug-in that explains exactly how you’ll fare, no matter what your circumstances. (There’s no law that says you can’t try several different scenarios.). Third, a more robust analysis by a staunchly non-partisan organization. And finally, a spotlight on a section overlooked by most media, i.e., changes in the way we will care for people when they need it most. 

1. Here’s a write-down of each section of the entire law, as passed. It’s short and fairly easy to understand.

2. The Washington Post has a cool interactive site. Fill in a couple of particulars (male, 57, NY, employer-provided insurance) and it will call up all the elements of the law that will pertain to your situation.

3. The Kaiser Family Foundation is a leader in health care information. Here is their summary of coverage provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

4. The blog Cab Drollery cites an interesting opinion piece in the Los AngelesTimes, which outlines some of the benefits seniors will reap related to changes in Medicare that promote more home-based, long-term care. The plan is to move away from the nursing-home model to group- and home-based models for care. I bet many seniors will appreciate this.



03/31/2010 10:01

Last night, Keith Olbermann read from an internal Republican party memo outlining campaign strategy for the fall. They plan to take *credit* for parts of the new law, including the pre-existing conditions clause. Banning insurance companies from not covering pre-existing conditions is exactly what requires a mandate! You can't make this stuff up...


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