What if a foreign agent came into this country to kill 6,000 and injure 500,000 people?  Do you think the American people would be up in arms demanding the government do something to stop this carnage?

Well, those are the casualty figures quoted by the US Department of Transportation, in support of a ban on text messaging by truck drivers. The law went into effect this week.

Yet, there’s controversy. Apparently, it’s one thing if bad guys kill lots of people, and another if good ole boys in trucks do it.  

Here are a few comments I found related to an MSNBC.com story announcing the new law:

Who does Obama think he is?  Moses?  "Thou shalt not text and drive"  Even though I agree that texting and driving is an accident waiting to happen, this is not his business.  Restrictions and regulations on operating a motor vehicle falls under States rights.  Speed limits, seat belt laws, helmet laws, are all up to individual States.  The Federal government has no right to impose laws such as this. 

It is time again for the American trucker to take action and tell the government to kiss off!

So listen up, guys. While you’re pulling one, two or three trailers worth of Wal-Mart products across federal interstates, don’t knit, write letters to your mom, put on makeup, file your nails, practice guitar or perfect your knuckle ball. If you do, expect to pay the price, so someone else doesn’t have to.  



Larry Burch
01/28/2010 17:34

Geez Loueez: Next thing ya no them feds wull be puttin limts on how long a fella can drive each day, make us have drivin licens, mak us idenfy hazard lodes, hav workin breaks an hedlites an all that stuff. Mah state louws me ta text an drive so them feds ain't got no cauz to innerfear!

01/29/2010 12:02

Amen, preach it Sister!


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