Speaking of something different, friends swear by Bangkok as city everyone should visit, at some point in their lives. Nonetheless, remind me (please!) to cross it off My Bucket List. 
Warning: Adult content. Well, maybe not, this video might be something only an 11-year-old boy can appreciate.



10/30/2009 14:37

It has been crossed off my bucket list, too. I do think a boy would love this video. I can hear him saying "Cool" right now.

Kathy Lanza
10/31/2009 16:12

Memories of Bangkok 37 years ago: I remember checking cars before we got in to be sure no snakes were inside. They would curl up under the dashboard or around the motor to keep warm. It was a wonderful exotic adventure. A friend caught a huge python in her yard and proudly took it to the zoo. Worry set in after people told her pythons were monogamous and the mate was probably on the prowl looking for his/her partner.


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