Another assignment for a coping story has led me to Kathleen Hall, a woman very much "on the verge." Kathleen's eclectic background includes lengthy stays with aboriginal groups, graduate-level study of the world's religions, plus training in stress reduction, biofeedback and healthy eating from the likes of Dean Ornish, Herb Benson and other medical luminaries known for their findings in research related tto human mind/body connections. 

Based in Georgia, Kathleen is a frequent guest on popular television shows, including Larry King Live and Martha Stewart. She's also the founder and CEO of The Stress Institute.

This very busy woman has set up a professional, interactive website to link together people interested in helping themselves and others through mindfulness. You'll find the full site at

Here's how she describes what she's trying to do:

We are a Mindful CommUNITY. At MLN people come together in CommUNITY to learn and live in balance with relationships, health, work, and our planet through Mindfulness. It is Not just a feel-good movement, Mindful Living is a "Wake-Up Call" to a life of sustainability - for people and for our world. It's the one and the only way we'll survive this life and our future.

Don't just imagine what it means to be alive - Experience it yourself on Mindful Living Network.

If you give it a try, please leave a comment here for the rest of us. 



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