Dave and I are in California, spending some quality time with a few children, grandchildren, sibs and in-laws. The weather is a bit chilly and damp, but that's a small price to pay.

Below are some of the sites and scenes we encountered on a trip up the coast from Oakland to a bit beyond Mendocino. We stayed at a very small inn in a very small inland town. It was the kind of place where you pay extra for no amenities--no phone, no television, no wifi, no cell service. Just peace and beauty. Very pricey.

You have to do this now and then for your soul.
At least, I do.

So, dear reader, this is my postcard to you:


Having a wonderful time.

Find your own place. It's important!






05/12/2009 14:47

I had a cup of tea with your beautiful pictures this afternoon -- and felt as if (well, almost) I had been there! Thanks!

05/13/2009 08:20

Thank you so much. What rich offerings for the eye and the mind. The first picture, of a winding path with handrails seems familiar. I think I walked that path on a wonderful drive from SF south along the coast. I may be compressing memories, but I believe that area was within driving distance of a brewery, where we stopped to drink trays of beer samplers. I pissed off the brewmaster when I asked for the caloric and carbohydrate content of the drinks. He glared at me - clearly the customer from hell - and replied it would be the same as for any beer. God, that stuff was good.
Whoever took the pictures, you and/or Dave, has a wonderful eye. I can't travel long distances any more, but I did vicariously today. Please keep me on your mailing list.


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