We have a 24/7 cable news channel on our cable, covering all of New England. It's a great news service, especially for weather. Their forecasts are generally quite reliable.

Last night, meteorologist Tim Kelly said his long-range forecast for New England was (tah dah!) rain until Labor Day, then snow.  

I want my (summer) money back.

Aquarium, California Academy of Science, May 2009
If we added up all the sunny days we’ve had this summer, I bet we could count them on two hands, maybe one.

Without hesitation, I've crossed off from my must-see list Seattle, Ireland, and anywhere else it rains 4 days out of 5. Yes, it’s nice to have lush grass and flowers that never need additional water. I’m happy for the white-water river rafters. What I worry about is rust, on me! 

If we must live underwater, let us have fish and coral and lifelines to the surface.  
My neighbor's grandkids have the right idea.


Downtown Wilminigton VT

Dear Reader,

Summer's finally here, and as soon as the rain clears (if ever), it'll be time to get out on the lake, the ocean, the hiking trail or at the cabin to enjoy what summer has to offer.

Here are a few photos I've taken of the New England I know and love. Some are recent, others are a year or two old. Click on the photo to enlarge. Most pictures were taken on a cell phone, so please excuse the fuzzy focus.

Scenes are in and around Gloucester, Cape Cod, Boston, Greenfield, Colrain, Shelburne Falls and Heath, Massachusetts; Wilmington, Burlington and Shelburne, Vermont; and Newport, Rhode Island. 

I hope you like them. Have a wonderful summer!

Wish you were here!