Women of the 113th US Congress, January 3, 2013
Thanks to you and everyone who took a woman to vote on November 6, we now have more women and more diversity in Congress, than ever before. It's not enough, of course, but it's a good start. Next time, please take two women to vote! I won't be satisfied until the percentage of women in Congress mirrors the makeup of the US population, which, right now, is a little heavy on XX chromosomes. 
See: http://nyti.ms/WbWcGl
Meet all 20 women members of the Senate: http://wapo.st/Wc0760



08/22/2013 01:08

I am so happy that now there are 20 women in the senate now. It is a good thing that the number of women in the US congress is getting increase after every election. I hope one day the ration will become equal to the US population as you said!


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