Here is my Christmas gift to you: nuggets of Christmas cheer, warmth and sugar, all wrapped up in a tidy sampler box with pretty wrapping. Dig in! 

You’ll find family stories, music, dance, art, a little history, a photo or three.

These 10 stories are being recycled from earlier posts, as a way to save on time and energy at this time of year. I think you’ll like them just as much as new ones. Be sure to turn up your speakers for the holiday music! Some of it may be new to you.  

So, let's relax over the next few weeks and enjoy as much time as we can with our family and friends. See you next year. 

All best wishes for 2013! 

Joyeux Noël!

Click here to read 10 Christmas stories

Click here for information about the Penrose Victorian Inn. 



10/23/2013 02:35

Thanks for your Christmas gifts! I thing love is the biggest gift that we can give for our dear ones. Christmas is the festival of greatest love that our father in heaven has shown us. Keep updating with us!


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