Great news! You have the power to change the world! It’s in your hands, especially in the one you’ll use to pull the lever or mark your ballot on November 6. 

That’s right--if you are a woman, know one or are the child of a woman, you already have encountered the most powerful force in the US today. Women!

Not only are women the majority in the US population (for the first time since immediately after the Civil War?), they control consumer spending, are today’s new hires, and will be the overwhelming majority at polling booths on Election Day.  

It’s a fact: If they vote, women will determine who wins in every race in every state. Women will choose the next president and members of Congress, meaning they will determine the course this country takes over the next four years, if not many more.

Obviously, all of this assumes women get out there and do it on Election Day. Before that time, they need to read up on the issues and, perhaps, make some hard decisions.

It’s not going to be easy, but the choices are pretty clear this time. The issues may be the same, but the way each party deals with them could not be more different.  

Concerning the issues, I hate it when the media talks about life as if it can be neatly compartmentalized behind doors marked Men or Women. What’s a woman’s issue?
  • War/Peace?
  • The Economy?
  • Health Care?
  • Education?
  • The Environment?
  • Retirement?
Do men and women not all live in the same country?

I don’t know who you will vote for or why, but I know who I will vote for and how I will respond to state referendums and other questions. I’m not asking you to share my opinions or vote the way I do, but I will tell you what issues I’ve looked at to make my choices.  

Here they are:
Jobs. As a former single mom, I know how important it is to feed, house, clothe and keep a family healthy.
Inflation. Since I do all the shopping and pay the bills, I’m keenly aware of price creep and how it affects our piggy bank.
Taxes. I understand the importance of the mortgage-interest and child care deductions.   
Education. I was lucky enough to go to and send my son to a state university, without incurring huge debts. I want our grandchildren to have at least equal benefits.  
Health. Women make most of the health decisions in our family, plus they have their own unique medical issues. I need to know everyone in the family will get the help they need, when they need it and without question.
The Environment.  I always assumed my tiny environmental efforts would help keep the world clean. It never dawned on me that my children or grandchildren could face life without clean water or clean air. We need leaders who can and will tackle these problems.  
Peace/Safety. In these dangerous times, I need to know my safety and that of my children and grandchildren will be of paramount importance to those running this country.   
Challenges, great and small. Like most families, ours includes children with special needs, people with chronic medical conditions, people who currently are being treated for or have survived cancer, people who have married citizens of other countries, people in same-sex relationships. I care about all of them.
Respect. As a woman, I want respect for myself and other women at or in:
  • the workplace
  • the medical office
  • the wedding altar
  • the loan office
  • the military
  • the voting booth

If you’re a woman, prepare to make the big decisions on November 6. Better yet, help other women lift their voices at the polling station. This may be the first and only time their vote really, really matters.

I propose making November 6, Take A Woman To Vote Day
Whoever you are and whomever you plan to vote for, take your mom, sister or female friend to the polling station with you. Invite your college-student daughter to go along. Give a ride to the widow down the street, who rarely leaves her home. Call the old lady downstairs and ask if she or one of her friends needs a ride. Volunteer at a local church, senior center or Y to make it easier for women to get to polling stations.

Let candidates and the whole world know women in this country actually vote and their votes matter. Let them feel the importance of women’s issues, where it counts.  

Vote like your life depends on it. It just might!



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