Never underestimate the power of good coffee, good service and real maple syrup!

Dot’s Diner of Wilmington was a favorite stopping-off spot near the intersection of VT 9 and 100 in southern Vermont, until Hurricane Irene all but washed it away. Before August 28, 2011, locals and flatlanders alike lined up at the door for seats every weekend morning. 

Owners Pat and John Reagan were heart-broken when the restaurant almost fell into the river, and so were hundreds, maybe thousands of fans who never forgot the burgers, gossip and homemade pies they found at Dot's. If not the food and the 1950s ambiance, how could anyone forget Pat’s hearty laugh?

With help from the state plus lots of fundraisers, the Reagans are ready to start over. Today, July 17, a crane lifted the remains of this sad little pile of wood off its loose-rock foundation, the first step toward building a new Dot’s.

Cheers could be heard a thousand miles away. 

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07/28/2012 05:09

We were just up in Wilmington and saw the work progressing. Lots of people are really happy!


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