Look who happened to be up our way? It’s travel writer and gourmande Kathleen Scott, all the way from the Texas Hill Country. Kathleen blogs at Hill Country Mysterieswhere she posts her spectacular nature photography and sometimes shares sinful recipes. 

We met up for a quick lunch in Grafton, Vermont, where she and husband Denny attended a family wedding last weekend. It was a cool and rainy week, so the outdoor event moved inside a 150-year-old clapboard church. If you've never been to Grafton, imagine a New England postcard, with residents.

Happy trails, Kathleen and Denny. 

Grafton Photos
This photo of Grafton is courtesy of TripAdvisor
The Grafton Congregational Church, also known as The White Church, Grafton, VT



06/10/2012 06:40

Grafton is beautiful in all seasons and weathers - especially with friends.

07/26/2012 18:38

Thanks, Paula. Meeting you in person was a highlight of the visit. We loved Grafton's beauty and peace--now I understand why Vermonters are so partial to their state.

Judy Orcutt
08/19/2012 14:32

Hey Kathleen,
Remember me from the ole Sterling Book Club??? I have been thinking about your tarragon for years - it was sooo good. I have tried to purchase plants and seeds and have never come up with something as yummy as yours. Please share your secret!
Hope all is well with you and Denny!


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