Anne Trubek opines on writers interacting with readers through social media, in a recent New York Times story.  Once, writers sought seclusion from the clatter of the real world, but today many reach out through the Internet for interaction with readers and other writers. Author and humorist Mat Johnson -- who boasts 39,712 followers on Twitter—says “the people I follow, they are my dream party guests, interesting strangers whose wit keeps me coming back.”

Do you use Twitter or Facebook to reach your audience and/or promote your book? I know Archer Mayor, Leigh Russell, Jacqui Christodoulou and Bill Campbell do, because I follow them.  (You can reach me on Twitter through a link found in the right-hand column.)

If you use Twitter, what does it do for you?

See below for Trubek's Why Authors Tweet.



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Aren't you glad your hips are in such good shape?!


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