As part of our combined offspring’s effort to blanket the world with the most adorable children, we welcomed the arrival of Evan yesterday, bringing our family's grandbaby total up to an impressive 6 (all under the age of 5). At 9 pounds, 3 ounces, Evan will be flexing his muscles and driving his parents crazy in sunny California, under the loving eyes of sister Sierra, seen here holding him  shortly after his birth.   



10/20/2011 10:28

Congratulations on an adorable addition to your family. Even is a big guy and I know how proud you must be of him.

10/20/2011 12:03

Thanks, Darlene! We're proud of him but especially proud of his mom, who knew months ago that he was going to be a very big boy! Poor mom! She's ecstatic, of course. We'll get to meet him in November.

10/21/2011 10:18

Mazel Tov!

What a wonderful picture to introduce us to both children.

It reminds me why I continue to struggle for the future.

10/21/2011 14:02

Thanks, Diane! Our thoughts, exactly. These babies add a whole new meaning to the word "tomorrow."


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