Are you an iPhone person or a Blackberry type? Let this clever little video from the NYT technology desk help you pick your next cell phone. 



07/28/2011 14:48

Oh, gosh. I wish you hadn't asked that question. Truth is, I'm a Corded Phone With Rotary Dial kind of person. I only acquiesce to a clunky old cell-phone because you can't reach my daughter unless you text her first.

Thank goodness my hair turned curly a few years ago. I'd probably still be wearing those rigid pink plastic rollers to bed, otherwise.

07/30/2011 13:29

Gee, Nance, have you been peeking in my bobby-pin drawer?

The problem is, I'm a Blackberry person who would like to be an iPhone person, but am not sure it's an open club. Should I take the leap, or move up to one of the fancy new Anroids that combine the best of both worlds? Then, I might never get off the phone.


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