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Hats off to all grads!

Here’s what I wish someone had told me when I graduated:

1. Read everything you can. 
2. Don't believe everything you hear. 
3. Keep yourself clean, healthy and alert to what's happening around you. 
4. Find something you love and stick with it. 
5. If you long to take risks, choose something that has the potential to make life better for yourself and others, at the same time.



06/06/2011 16:31

Best advice I've heard anywhere, for anyone! Mind if I follow it?

06/06/2011 19:41

Nance---Feel free! I'll try to follow it, as well.

09/08/2011 00:37

I have many friends who will be having their graduation this October too. And maybe they would also love to hear what what you wanted to hear. I might share this with them. Thanks!

09/08/2011 05:30

Thank YOU, Barn!
Please pass along my best wishes to anyone with the commitment and stamina to actually finish their studies.


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