Paula B, possible presidential candidate, plans to "test the waters" in the South.
Paula B plans extensive southern tour "to hear the people"

Greenfield MA – Saying she has “fire in her legs” and a desire to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, Paula B of this town of 15,000 says she plans to tour the South this fall, but is hesitant to say “at this time” if that trip will kick off her campaign for a place on the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential ticket.

“I just want to hear the people, find out what they have to say,” said B, as she spoke to reporters today. 

B and her handlers will leave New England in mid-September, after they participate in local events commemorating the September 11 terrorist attack on eastern elitist cities. 

Following stops in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC (for a quick look at US Constitution and a drive down Constitution Avenue during morning rush so she can "smell the emissions"), B hopes to visit Civil War battlefields and other historic places in Virginia and the Carolinas. 

Her plan is to reach Atlanta by late September, where her followers will turn northwest, heading to Nashville for a few days of relaxation after a grueling, nonstop schedule of meet-and-greet opportunities. 

Taking the mountain route north, B will get a chance to hear what people in small towns -- especially in West Virginia -- have to say about their government (whether she wants to or not). If time allows, she will spend a day at Gettysburg, where some ancestors are buried.

“It’s important to honor the dead, and the live ones are pretty important, too!” she noted. B may be best known for her failure to win a spot on the 2008, 2004 and 2000 tickets, but she says she’s “undefeated” as far as she is concerned.

“I’m committed to this country, and when I make up my mind to do something, it’s made up,” she said with a wink.  



05/30/2011 09:48

05/30/2011 09:50

You bet your sweet bippies I'd vote for you. Watch out for those rednecks, though.

05/30/2011 10:02

You bet'cha.

05/30/2011 10:56

Ditto Leslie Parsley! Wink, wink, wink.

05/30/2011 10:57

I was going to vote for the other guy, but I changed my mind as soon as I read this!

05/30/2011 11:46

Ya got my vote. Nobody does word salad bettern you, and you don't let the lamestream press push you around.

We need you.

05/30/2011 12:02

You'll have my vote.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

05/30/2011 12:46

Run, Paula, Run!

05/30/2011 14:42

Blogger meet-up!

05/30/2011 15:55

Texas is quasi-south and fought with the Confederacy...and I didn't see Texas in your itinerary...how could you even think about running without a tour through the largest state in the continental US?

Come get my vote, you can stay with us and we'll see that you also get the best BBQ in the country.

Larry Burch
05/30/2011 16:45

"reporter, writer, wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, photographer, singer, knitter, swimmer -- not all at the same time"


05/30/2011 18:19

Darlene, Leslie, Elaine, K, Diane, ql,mto3---You guys are great! I won't let you down! With your votes, we'll whip this country into shape. (PS: What's your favorite shape?)

Kathleen---My husband wants to know how long that offer stands. My people will be in touch with your people.

Nance---A meet up? What a great idea! I might be looking for a good VP by then. Send me your CV.

Larry---It's true. I guess I'm in a rut, doing the same thing over and over but maybe this time I'll get lucky! Please try to get Iowans ready for me, will ya?

As for the rest of you, I hope you'll vote for me in 2012. Why not?

I just want to know, why is it when SHE takes a bus trip, an army of photogs and reporters follow her around? We even look a little bit alike, dontcha think, give or take 50 pounds and 25 years?

06/07/2011 18:43

I feel hope for America, yet.

Paula Behnken
06/08/2011 07:18

I knew I could count on your support, Bill. By the way, I see that most of my competitors have books out. That gives them extra face time with voters, at book signings. Could you help me with that? I don't think we'd need more than one afternoon.

Also, if elected, I'm thinking of moving the capital to Pittsburgh. What do you think?


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