What makes a friendship last a lifetime?

I dunno, but I’ve been lucky enough to keep tied to at least a half dozen people since my teens, in relationships that lasted longer than many of our marriages. 

Maybe we've been separated by miles -- or even continents -- but the six or seven of us have kept the conversation going, while some changed partners, careers and even sexual orientation. 

As Gertrude Stein (must have) said, a friend is a friend is a friend. 

Antoinette and I have known each other 40 years, but she’s spent more than half that time in Central and South America. Someday I'll publish our very rich BI (before-Internet) correspondence. Good to have you home, Chica!



Antoinette Almaguer
04/06/2011 06:04

With the exception of living abroad for some 21 years, my life has been absent of any major changes. After 40 years I am married to the same guy. I love being a grandmother and a gardener and I still love to read and cook. I suppose keeping a friendship requires patience, respect and tolerance. Not much different than being a gardener, I suppose.

04/06/2011 11:19

Lots of pruning, watering and weeding must have gone into ours.
What's ordinary about living in six countries outside the US?


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