Have you noticed that guys do everything the hard way? 
Thanks to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams MA.



04/19/2011 13:26

That's the wildest--I mean, most un-wild--thing I've ever seen!

Um, his stitches were a little inconsistent. Just sayin'.

04/20/2011 17:27

I'm glad we don't have to depend on the guys for knitting our garments but that was pretty amazing.

04/25/2011 15:01

Uh, really? Leave it to Mass MOCA to give us a distortion of craft: what is the point? Meanwhile in another part of the state (where I've seen remarkable fiber exhibitions) there's Fuller Museum http://www.fullercraft.org & current show,"Furniture Divas."

Good wishes to you, Paula, on hip surgery and mellow recovery. -naomi

Larry Burch
04/26/2011 20:15

Tsk, tsk. Would there have been nasty responses if I, as a male, had written "have you noticed that gals do everything the hard way?"

Chuckle, chuckle.

A speedy recovery, and keep up the good work m'lady!


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