This should come as no surprise to Birds readers:   

Sometimes freedom and opportunity slip in through the back door, when a quieter subversion of the status quo unleashes change that is just as revolutionary. This is the tantalizing idea for activists concerned with poverty, with disease, with the rise of violent extremism: if you want to change the world, invest in girls.

With this in mind, the United Nations Foundation is looking for 100,000 US girls, age 12-18, to raise money for and awareness of the plight of their sisters around the globe, through the GirlUp program (

As Nancy Gibbs so eloquently says:

[Through GirlUp], one at a time, a rising generation of American girls helps create the next generation of leaders, for the coming quiet revolutions.

It beats raising money for armies.

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02/13/2011 14:36

I have granddaughters and I am going to pass this excellent project on to them.

02/13/2011 16:01

Great! I have two but they're too young to participate. Someday...

02/14/2011 23:39

You know, I think this beats Girl Scouting, too. I loved Scouting and raised one, but it's time for something new for this age group...something that doesn't involve cookies.

Big Nancy Gibbs fan.

02/16/2011 10:51

I was not aware of this program. Thanks for bringing it my attention.


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