True, the snow started late this year, but that’s no reason to dump an entire season worth of snow on our little area in a short month!

We’ve had at least dozen snows, leaving behind a solid 2 feet after meltbacks and dry-outs from sub-zero temps. The stuff is hard frozen and piled up along every drive and every road as far as you can travel in a day. 

Most driveways are lined with 3-4-foot walls of the white stuff. Towns have piled up snow 10 or more feet in parking lots, down the middle of major streets in towns like Northampton, and anywhere else anyone will let them.

Here’s a photo taken within the last week in Wilmington VT, borrowed from the town website. Today and tomorrow, Wilmington could get an additional 3 feet.

We’re bracing for 2 more feet down here in the valley over the next two days, then another whopper is due over the weekend. 

All I can say is, snow gods, do you have us mixed up with Buffalo, New York? Turn left and follow the Thruway!



02/01/2011 14:52

I am sorry for you. There is a joke going around showing the front of a church with a sign in front saying "Will the person who is praying for snow, please stop.".

02/01/2011 16:17

I am fascinated to watch retrocons try to deny climate change in this unprecedented season. What I hear on the streets (we need smarter people on our streets) is that all this snow proves that "global warming" is a myth and a crime perpetrated on Americans by Obamer.

You have my sympathy for the difficulties you're facing with this weather. In Alaska, we called the period of warming in May "break-up." With hardened snow banks and frozen rivers, you'll probably experience your own break-up. Or meltdown. Or...

02/02/2011 07:35

Thanks, guys! It's 10:30 a.m., and we're in the sleet/freezing rain cycle of this little adventure. We have to go out in a little while and pick up my husband's truck at a repair shop, but it's not far. When we get back, this is a perfect day for simmering split-pea soup and baking French bread. Then it's back to chipping away at the story pile. As for break ups, meltdowns, etc., let's hope not. I'm facing another surgery in a few weeks and that's enough to cause a meltdown. Spring, of course, is another story. We're all dreading the day this frozen stuff starts to melt. The good (?) news is the folks north of here aren't getting as much snow, so the rivers shouldn't be terribly swollen by the time they reach this latitude, when it warms up over 32. I know, I know, Punx Phil predicts early spring, but I think he needs glasses.


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