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Oh, wow, here’s something I don’t want to miss on public television next week. I just hope I can stay up late enough to watch it. The perfect way to begin a new year!

Independent Lens: Men Who Swim
Tuesday, January 4, 10-11pm

In the midst of a mid-life crisis, filmmaker Dylan Williams tries to cheer himself up by joining an all-male synchronized swim team. He discovers a dozen other men struggling with the indignities of age and the uncertainty of a life half-lived. “Men Who Swim” looks at an unlikely brotherhood of beer bellies, wet suits and occasional underwater grace.



12/31/2010 07:34

He's got a point: I've found that whenever I'm down, there's nothing like joining an all male synchronized swim team. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Elmore James wrote a song called "All Male Synchronized Swim Team Blues (White People Are Strange)".

12/31/2010 17:39

You're right, and I love that song!

01/06/2011 14:05

I really enjoyed this program, even though we made light of the topic in advance. As a swimmer, I can appreciate the difficulty of the men's moves, and as someone who swims for health, I appreciate even more that each man swam for a different reason. Whatever it was -- companionship, the extension of youth, competitive drives, or escape from the pressures of family and work -- they seem to find what they were looking for. And, they won the competition, to boot! Great job, guys!


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