September 1 has come and gone, marking the unofficial end of summer. It could go on, but somebody flicked the switch! Night temperatures have dipped down into low 40s, cooling off water and land, if not the inhabitants.

Blessed rain came just in time, but nothing dampens the spirit of those determined to wring out everything they can from what’s left of the warm days of the year.

Now is a good time to catch an afternoon on the road or on the water. Take the kids to a downtown street fair, a ballgame or out for a hot dog at the drive-in that soon will shut down for winter.

Fruit growers have started bringing in their crops and cleaning them up for town and county fairs that go on, rain or shine.

Here are some shots taken in southern Vermont, western Massachusetts, Boston, Washington DC, Lake George and Long Island, NY.




09/11/2010 05:54

Great pictures that capture the end of summer while we grab those last warm days to enjoy. Of course, in Arizona it is the opposite. Now is the beginning and not the end of the time to enjoy the great outdoors when you won't cook if you step outside.

Cute little guy. I love the photo of him on Grandpa's shoulders.

09/11/2010 06:09

Thank you, dear, for reminding me today that the America I love is still out there, still being delightful, still worth writing for.


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