Having a bad day? Rain and/or heat got you down?

Before you hit the bottle or kick the dog, get a low fat, no calorie, environmentally friendly, completely ridiculous pick-me-up at I Write Like (http://iwl.me/).

It’s free, it’s fun, it’s completely unscientific.

Just cut and paste a few graphs of your writing and discover your literary DNA (just don’t take it too seriously). Here’s mine: 
I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I pasted in a portion of the blog post “What is a Family” for this head-swelling analysis. Later, I dropped in a a few sentences from another post and came us as a dead ringer for Dan Brown!

After some thought,  I decided I’d prefer to write like James Joyce but be as rich as Dan Brown. Wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, they don't tell you how to do that on this blog..

After you’ve had your palm read – so to speak – check out the I Write Like newsletter, complete with interesting quotes from some of the great writers of the last century, including this gem:

It’s a feature of our age that if you write a work of fiction, everyone assumes that the people and events in it are disguised biography — but if you write your biography, it’s equally assumed you’re lying your head off.

— Margaret Atwood

So, keep writing, just like whoever, and yes I said yes I will Yes.



07/26/2010 13:53

Fun! I got an H.P. Lovecraft, a Joyce, and a Daniel Defoe. Joyce and Defoe came from the same blog entry: A partial entry returned Defoe; the complete entry returned Joyce.

07/26/2010 14:37

I write like Charles Dickens. Before my head swells up I must confess that I did this before and wrote like some professor (needless to say, I can't remember his name) so I am not too sure about the accuracy of this test.

08/08/2010 18:06

I tried 3 entries with 3 results - it's probably totally random! I write like three dead white men...! I wonder who put together this list?

08/08/2010 22:56

Hilarious: this feminist grandma writes like either David Foster Wallace (on two tries) or Dan Brown. I'm with Karen--except mine is one dead white man, one living guy--neither of whose writing interests me at all!

Thanks for the entertainment.


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