Everyone in our family sings, plays an instrument or two, and is an avid music listener. Even the youngest among us seem to have the gene.

Of course, it's one thing to have talent and quite another to use it. 

Consider our two-year-old grandson -- clearly a budding musical genius -- seen here (out)performing  Papa and Grandpa, while Mama and Nana enjoy the show:  


While shooting this, I couldn't help but think of another percussion trio from an earlier lifetime. Maybe you remember these musical orangutans, a/k/a Ernie Kovacs, Edie Adams and either Jack Lemmon or Frank Sinatra:  




07/12/2010 15:46

Summer is family time. Nice that you're enjoying, and sharing, yours.

07/12/2010 18:07

I love this but I feel sorry for mommy. She looks like she's having a migraine - I've been there. Brings back sweet memories though.

07/13/2010 14:41

Your little drummer boy is adorable. He is really good and it's obvious he is a budding Gene Krupa.

It's wonderful when a family can make music together, even if it's on a toy xylophone.

I'm glad my kids played the wind instruments and not the drums, though. Practice time can give you a migraine if the percussionist gets too enthusiastic.

Linda H
07/13/2010 15:46

I hadn't thought about the little trio for decades. The tinny little tune is a brain worm. I bet I went around humming it all day.

02/21/2011 05:26

We love the Nairobi Trio redux even better than the original.


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