Pulitzer-winner Saul Friedman brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding to the fore in a comprehensive, but clear, look at current threats to Social Security, as we know it. He also lays out a plan for keeping the program flush for the next generation.  A must-read for all seniors and anyone who expects to be one someday. 

We thought Social Security was safe when Barack Obama was elected. He had opposed George Bush’s attempt to turn the program into millions of 401(k)s subject to the whims of the stock market.

And Obama pledged to keep and preserve Social Security as it is, a defined benefit pension/insurance plan that pays $650 billion to 53 million older Americans, the disabled and the surviving spouses and children of beneficiaries.

But Obama has fallen for the cut-the-deficit frenzy, appointing a commission run by banker Erskine Bowles and right-wing, former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson, that began its work by attacking and talking about cuts in Social Security’s benefits.

The president, who says he is still hostile to such cuts and that its long-term financial problems are easily fixed, adds ominously that “everything is on the table.”

That makes me nervous because Obama compromises too much with sworn enemies of Social Security, so perhaps he, as much as the rest of us, needs a primer on the crown jewel of the American moral imperative towards its older population.

For the complete story, go to http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2010/07/reflections-on-social-security.html



07/28/2010 07:01

If there is anything that makes elders rise up in droves it's the threat of cutting Social Security. There are so many of us that Congress is terrified and will not take the gamble of angering their largest constituency by messing with our income. We are the largest voting bloc. S.S. is called the third rail of politics. That is the only thing that keeps Social Security safe.

But to rise up, the elders need to know what is being proposed. Elders, write your representatives and letters to the editor the second such a cut is suggested.

07/29/2010 07:31

Needless to say, I totally agree with Darlene. I don't really think any one with an ounce of intelligence is going to vote for this. Lordy, every purple haired old lady in the country will take out after them in a wheelchair or on a broom.


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