Here’s a little show and tell. Below are photos of my husband and myself, our siblings,  plus my brother-in-law's significant other and my brother's wife. We’re a pretty typical American family, at least in terms of our own generation.

But, we're the old generation, destined for extinction. Fortunately, we have 11 grown kids among us, which means we have a pretty good toehold on the future. 
Skip ahead to our children’s children and two of their cousins. Some of these darlings have parents from Mexico, Germany or from Philippine or African-American ancestry. Soon, there will be more grandchildren. And, there is the possibility for even more cultural diversity when the last few kids finally marry and start families.

If you want to see what the US population will look like in the near future, just look at our next generation  -- a rainbow of colors, languages and traditions, all within one ordinary US family.

Are they beautiful or what? This is tomorrow, folks, taking the best from us and our ancestors, and putting it forward. 

Yes, the face of the US is changing, but that’s not a bad thing. Nations evolve just like living organisms. Life goes round and round. Don’t fight it,! Just sit back, click on the video below, and enjoy.



05/26/2010 14:20

You have a beautiful family. The children are all adorable, blonds blue eyes, brunets and brown eyes. It's only skin pigment and inside we are all the same.

05/27/2010 00:43

Wonderful pictures and such a beautiful family!

I like to tell conservatives that to see what the future will look like, take a glance at Tiger Woods.

05/27/2010 22:52


Congratulations! I just nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award. I think your blog is delightful and provocative.

There are seven obligations for every Kreative Blogger. You can find them on my website.

Thank you for a great blog.


05/28/2010 16:50

Paula, what a great rainbow! I loved looking through the pictures and I loved seeing it from the top down. Better than any words you could have added.

05/30/2010 13:22

Yes'm! Exactly so and beautifully photographed. The Libertarians might as well be standing there with a finger in a Louisiana dike as to try to hold back the multi-ethnicity and multi-culturalism that is America's birthright. [Did you know that the Libertarians were opposed to American aide to Katrina victims?]

02/27/2013 12:18

Here's an update. As of February, 2013:
We have welcomed three more grandchildren since this post was written, and there's another one on the way, bringing us to a total of 7.
My brother has two new grandchildren. The mother of two of them is from Mexico.
My sister-in-law's oldest lives in Japan, where he and his Japanese bride will welcome their first child later this year. In addition, she has another grandbaby in her family, bringing her total to four and one on the way.
I failed to mention religious diversity in the family, as well. There's a nice mix of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish (and maybe even Shinto or Buddhist?) traditions sprinkled throughout, to keep things interesting.


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