Clearly, some of us are ahead of the curve when it comes to this hot new look:

from The New York Times blogs:
April 1, 2010, 1:42 pm

Young Trendsetters Streak Their Hair With Gray
By Ruth La Ferla

ACTING on an impulse last month, Faran Krentcil dipped her shoulder-length curls into a bathtub filled with Virgin Snow, a pale lavender tint, in the hope, she said, of emerging a “rock ’n’ roll fairy princess.”

Ms. Krentcil, the 28-year old digital director at Nylon magazine, got her wish and then some, her lilac fading within days to an otherworldly gray. A mistake? Sure, but no matter, Ms. Krentcil said. During New York Fashion Week, she stood out like a beacon. “More people took notice,” she said. “I got photographed a lot.”

Thibault Camus/Associated Press Kate Moss shows off her “gray lights” at the launch party for her new line of bags.

Her color malfunction had placed her, it seemed, in a league with fashion’s bright young things, affluent trendsetters like Daphne Guinness, who alighted, silver-streaked, on Giles Deacon’s runway in Parislast fall, a ringer for Cruella De Vil; Kate Moss, who showed off “gray lights” at a fashion party earlier this year; and Tavi Gevinson, the 13-year-old blogger and fashion mascot, looking coolly spinsterish in her blue-gray Dutch boy bob during New York Fashion Week.

Also caught up in the silver rush were pop icons like Pink, who showed off gray-tipped strands at the Grammys, and Siobhan Magnus, the “American Idol” contestant, who accessorized recently with a skunk streak and spectacles.

In embracing a tint their mothers would have shunned, such role models are lending gray new cachet, giving shades from ash to ermine an unlikely fashion moment. Now, some say, the trend, which trickled down from the runways of Chanel, Giles Deacon and their rarefied ilk to fashion hot spots around the country, seems poised to go mainstream.

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04/02/2010 13:18

Ah, so gray is in this season. I would be right in style except my tresses and white and brown. Not the most appealing of mixtures.

04/02/2010 13:18

This is like a guy saying that he can't wait until he's too old to have sex.

Carol Pearlman
04/05/2010 05:57

After reading this article I looked into the mirror and thought, maybe I don't look like an old lady after all. A few months ago I decided to give up the every three week, 2 hour +, not to mention the more than $200, trip to the salon. I traded this in for a fantasic haircut with a terrific young man who understood I had to end this addicted behavior. He trimed, cut, re-styled my hair and after two of these visits 6 weeks apart a new me emerged. WOW ... what a difference, I feel great, I look good, I think, and I'm so happy that I am out of bondage!


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