Two hundred and nineteen thank yous, with special thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer and many other champions of health care reform. On the Senate side, belated thank yous to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his staff, who answered so many of our questions. Of course, we thank Pres. Barack Obama for his vision and tenacity. 

Please thank all the bloggers who kept the topic alive and facts flowing over the past year, especially Kevin, Ronni, Saul, George, Darlene, Jan, Steve, Bill, Ann, Kathleen, Jacqui, Mary, Nancy and Diane.    

And, thanks to all who wrote or added to the health care reform discussion on this blog.

We know this is only the beginning of a rocky, winding and uneven path toward meaningful health care reform, but, it's a start. Now, the real work begins.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



03/22/2010 02:57

I held my breath, Paula, and hoped. It worked out. My faith in humanity is slightly restored this morning.

Thank YOU Paula for your substantial input to this acheivement.

03/22/2010 03:52

Bloggers and tweeters never stopped adding pressure and making our voices heard. Also all citizens who took the time to call and write Congress. Well done everyone. I watched CSPAN and the vote and tweeted along with thousands. I am awed to be part of history as have all of you. So it begins

Cara B. Hochhalter
03/22/2010 04:54

Thank you, Paula, for keeping us mindful. What a joyful feeling this morning!
In health and peace,

03/22/2010 06:24

We did it!!! I am so happy that it passed and I was feeling a mite smug when I looked at the face of John Boehner who gave such a nasty summation speech.

I was glued to CSPAN with baited breath until the final vote was cast. I was so glad that they didn't let the Republicans gum up the works with that abortion thing after the vote.

Now comes the hard work of keeping the pressure on Congress to tweak this and make the bill better.

Thanks to you, Paula, for your continuing posting on this subject.

03/22/2010 16:08

Thanks for the work you've done, for the shout out you gave me, and for the wise comment you left at my blog.

Change can happen, but we need to stop looking at our "leaders" to effect that change. It will only happen if we MAKE them do the work we elected them to do.

As Darlene said, we need to keep the pressure on, but I admit I need a bit of a nap first.

03/25/2010 08:10

Hi Paula, I'm behind and catching up.

You're the one to be thanked! For keeping the health care issue front and center, presenting unbiased information, and making it easy for people to contact their legislators. I'm grateful you gave me a chance to have my say in your forum. And more grateful that the bill makes a way for almost all Americans to get affordable health insurance.


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