Most people my age grew up with the tragic story of Anne Frank who, with her family, hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam until 1944, when they were found and sent to a concentration camp. The diary she left behind was a must-read for my generation.

Sadly, many of our own children probably don't know her story, and it's even more likely our grandchilden never will. 

Somehow, a video that appears to show her has surfaced and is available on You Tube. I'm sharing it with you, assuming it's real. But, I will take it down if I learn it's not authentic. 
I've been to Amsterdam, but didn't have time to visit the house where the Franks lived. I definitely will go there on my next trip. 

Here's an educational video about Anne and her family:



10/06/2009 15:28

Yes, the video is authentic. It was shown on the national news last night. It is such a tragic story of man's inhumanity to man. Like all of the Holocaust, it should never be forgotten,

I haven't had time to read blogs for several days and am glad I got to yours to see the beautiful autumn photos you posted on the previous blog. The place looks like Pennsylvania. I love the
scarecrow girl sitting on the bale of hay.


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