Beth Westmark, publisher of the blog Switched at Birth, calls Birds on a Wire Blog terrific, with "lots of eye, mind and heart appeal." This superb writer, based on Pensacola, Florida, has been kind enough to add Birds to her blog roll. 

Read her bio for an explanation of the name of her blog. It says a lot about the blogger. What a spirit!

If you're looking for great writing, some of the best on the web is at Report from a Visitor to Heaven and Pay Phones .

To enjoy the full blog, click on:
Switched at Birth



07/21/2009 19:50

I love this "what goes around comes around" stuff!

Thanks, Paula.

I see Kathleen Scott (from Hill Country Mysteries) has found you. As my friend, Harold, would say, "She's a goodern."

07/22/2009 09:28

Hi Paula, I second Beth's comment. Making connections in life is one of the enduring joys.

Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. I've been surprised at the way the book is working out. Who knew that characters have stories unknown to the writer, and that they'll insist on telling them? It's an interesting process...


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