I love Nancy Gibbs. A crackerjack reporter, she now has the enviable job of commenting on life as it rolls by, for Time Magazine. Gibbs is a writer writers read. See what you think:

Do-It-Yourself Heroes
By NANCY GIBBS Monday, May. 18, 2009

Human beings have always created the heroes we need, from Hercules and Sherlock Holmes--whose supernatural gifts let them conquer mighty foes--to Underdog and the Ugly Duckling--whose transformations were themselves acts of heroism. Right now, when the headlines clang with catastrophe and confusion, it's natural that we'd be at it again, searching for heroes to suit the times.

First there was Captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger, walking the length of his sinking plane to be sure every last passenger was safely off. Then came Captain Richard Phillips, battling pirates in angry seas. And finally there's Susan Boyle, the unemployed church lady whose dying mother had told her to chase her ridiculous dreams of musical stardom.

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12/28/2009 23:15

I don't think we create them. We just like them because they look like most of us and they give us hope in humankind. Now we also have Jasper Shuringa.


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