For anyone who spent the past week on another planet, here is a performance on British television that has thrilled millions on YouTube. You won't believe the strength and clarity of this woman's voice. But then, she's only 47...




Jacqui Christodoulou
04/20/2009 13:03

Susan is so talented, but I was sad to see that they are wanting to give her a 'Hollywood Makeover' now. Seems she just isn't plastic enough for TV.
My daughter who is a lovely singer had an audition for X factor on Saturday but didn't go as going to 'boot camp' would keep her away from her son for too long and change the life she loves.
I fear the this will happen to Susan.
BTW did you see this weeks Britain's Got Talent with the little boy? Stunning.

Catherine Bennett
04/23/2009 13:30

I do think she is wonderfully talented but I kind of think the makeover thing just helps people know that everyone is beautiful. That it isn't just the beautiful people....She is beautiful and has a right to take credit for that beauty. Anyway, she has a great voice and deserves whatever fame and fortune come to her.


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