I've stumbled across two wonderful sites and urge you to check them out.

The first is Fifty Shift, for women facing 50, or still staring at it in their rear-view mirror. A UMass faculty member runs it.

The other is Times Goes By, a well-established blog that promises to tell the truth about aging. (As if we didn't already know!)

If you like Birds on a Wire, you'll probably like one or both of those blogs, too. They're written by intelligent, thoughtful women who offer their readers much to ponder, and many ways to participate in a lively discussion. 

You can link to both sites by clicking on their names, as listed in the blogroll in the right column.



Jacqui Christodoulou
04/02/2009 14:16

Paula, I love the new style website. I have added you to mine and will email you tomorrow.


Jacqui xx


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