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In 1983, my 11-year-old son and I spent a few weeks in Panama, exploring the length and breadth of that beautiful country, thanks to some friends who worked for the State Department. They had been there for quite a few years, so knew all the great places to go, from the rain forests in the north to the jungle in the south.   

We decided to go off for a few days on a little adventure of our own, and I had my heart set on a dugout canoe trip into the Darien peninsula with native guides. We could drive into Darien, but not very far. Eventually, the road would turn to jungle.  

He wanted to go to Contadora, one of the resorts on Islas de las Perlas, off the Pacific coast. We could fly there from Panama City.  

The deciding factor was anacondas, as he so graphically pointed out in a conversation that began with “Are you nuts, Mom?” 
He was always a smart kid. 

We went to Contadora, where I'm happy to say we didn't run into a single anaconda. 

I thought of that trip today when I read this story in the Washington Post about pet-gone-feral pythons and anacondas taking over the Florida Everglades: 

(Warning: Accompanying photos are not for the faint of heart.)

Speaking of something different, friends swear by Bangkok as city everyone should visit, at some point in their lives. Nonetheless, remind me (please!) to cross it off My Bucket List. 
Warning: Adult content. Well, maybe not, this video might be something only an 11-year-old boy can appreciate.