It’s time to do a little explainer on navigating this site. 

First, let’s look at the various pages available at

Notice the line of page names, just below the sunflower banner: 

                Blog        Readers’ Pages    Offwire    About     Birdfood     Contact

Click on them, and here’s where you’ll go:

Blog: You’ll be sent to this page  -- the blog -- a continuous, scrolling page, with posts listed in reverse chronological order. 

Readers’ Pages: This contains some of the comments people have left in various spots on the blog. I separated them out and put them on their own page so readers won’t miss seeing them. I haven’t put all comments up, but will, eventually. The date listed with each comment is the date I reposted it, not the original date.  

Offwire: This page contains the mission statement for this blog. You might want to read it before you read the posts, if you haven’t already done so. Offwire may answer some of your questions. 

About: Here’s a sketchy profile of the blogmistress. Since she (I) wrote it, don’t expect anything objective.

Birdfood: You’ll find some fun things here: a daily crossword puzzle from the New York Times and links to some interesting or useful sites. Feel free to add to the treasure by sending along some of your own. 

Contact: If you don’t already have my email address, you can use this one. Comments are welcome, and mail will be answered. 

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