Thank you, Darlene Costner, for nominating Birds on a Wire Blog for an Honest Scrap Award! It’s not every day this (or any) blog is recognized by fellow bloggers.

We join some luminaries in the awards circle, including Darlene’s own Darlene’s Hodgepodge, Tome of the Unknown Writer and many others. 

In the interest of protecting the server from unwanted critters, I opted to not post a copy of the actual award on this site. (Trust me, it’s exactly as you envision it!) Still, I wanted to alert readers to the honor, and to thank Darlene for her thoughtfulness. 

I promise to keep everything on this blog honest. And, I was taught at a young age that every scrap counts. 


Birds on a Wire is now a Featured Elderblog listed on Time Goes By, a terrific website and blog devoted to aging. With help from a collection of professional contributors,  Ronni Bennet puts out an almost-daily newspaper, complete with interesting and very useful information, thoughtful opinion pieces, and lots of discussion in a well organized format. You'll even find videos and music, and you never know what some of her contributors are going to put up. If you haven't looked at it yet, you should.   

Thank you, Ronni. We're honored to be included on your list of recommended blogs.