Giant panda at the National Zoo, DC, June 14, 2009

Tomatoes, corn, bamboo, whatever it is you like to eat, we’re finally getting close to that time of year when all growing things are ready for the kitchen. Except in New England, where there’s been nothing but rain this non-summer. Here it is, mid-July, and our corn is about as high as a tall mouse’s eye! (See below)

Surely the sun will return, however, and when it does, we have to hope everything will catch up. We've usually got some corn ready by now. The only good thing is, the lack of sunlight has lengthened the strawberry season.  

I know at least some of you are growing vegetables and maybe fruit this year. Maybe you have chickens or bees. One of you lives on a horse farm, right?

So I was thinking, maybe we should have our own 4-H fair! ! ! How cool is that!

Just send photos of your growing or grooming projects (flora or fauna). We’ll post them and award blue ribbons to the best, maybe even to all! You get to show off the fruits of your labor, so to speak, and we all get to ooh and ahh at what you’ve accomplished.

Email your photos to me at the usual address, or songbird@birdsonawireblog.com. Our fair will be held in August, so you have enough time to get your projects in good shape.

Cornfield in Greenfield MA, July 8, 2009