Fall is a great time to take stock and start something new. Call it mindfulness, call it rejuvenation, it's an important thing to do now and then.

British writer and psychologist Jacqueline Christodoulou discusses her “Do Something Different” plan in a new post on her blog Dirty Sparkle, and I’m passing it along as something worth trying before winter sets in: 

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Doing something different...

I had cause this week to remember a time some years ago when life was pretty much a routine of hardship. I didn't enjoy the rote of predictability that I shouldered for many years and I was desperate to escape. If only for a moment.

Around that time I initiated my 'Do Something Different' regime. When I became intolerably bored and annoyed with life, I literally did something different. This may sound really simple but actually it's quite difficult after the first ten innovations to think of something different to do. I included things like visiting local places I had never been, doing things I hadn't done for ages (like ice skating or swimming), listening to music on my own with headphones on. I started to use my brain and my imagination and open my mind up to other worlds through writing. It may seem like common sense, but to me, living in a world of providing for others, it was a welcome break.

I promised myself I would do something different every week for three months. During that time I visited the library and discovered Martin Amis. I explored my home city of Manchester and discovered many building that made me fall in love with it all over again. I met people on my 'Do Something Different' day who would become lifelong friends. I developed and understanding of people and characters and identity that would have not been possible in my previous closed existence.

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